Webquest ImageToday’s featured resource is brought to you by… me. Earlier in the week, I wrote about doing some research on what teachers were searching for. One of the biggest tech related search queries I could find data on was for webquests. So I decided to put together a website about… webquests.

I’ve been working hard the rest of the week to get the project ready to go before I head back to school tomorrow. I wouldn’t say it’s 100% done, but it’s done enough that I can open the doors to the public, so to speak.

Rockin’ Webquests is a simple website, and the name kind of says it all. There are hundreds of thousands of webquests out there, and many of them are crappy. So, I’m browsing through them and curating a list of webquests that either a) are ready to go out of the box or b) are good ideas that could form the foundation of good webquests.

The webquests are organized by subject area and tagged by their topic. This makes navigation easy enough, so, for example, you could just view “Shakespeare Webquests” or “American Revolution Webquests.” I’ve got to start somewhere, so there’s a little less than a dozen webquests on the list right now. However, I plan on listing a bunch this month, and my ultimate goal is to identify about a half dozen decent webquests for each topic (which means dozens of webquests per subject area).

The other purpose of the website is to help teachers make their own webquests. While there are a few services out there specifically marketed as webquest creators, they’re all pretty crummy. Questgarden, Zunal, and Teacherweb all produce horribly ugly webquests. We can do so much better, and it doesn’t even have to cost any money.

In addition to growing the list of webquests, by the end of the month I plan on publishing a guide to creating your own webquest on several platforms. I’ll start with WordPress, because it’s my favorite. However, Google sites is another good option, and I’ll probably make a guide for several other services. When that’s done, I’ll post an update here. I’ll probably also cross-post some of those guides on this website.

Don’t know what a webquest is? Maybe you should start with this collection of articles about webquests.