So what’s this website all about? If you’re curious about who I am, read through this page about me. In the meantime, let me briefly various types of posts and content you’ll find here.

Featured Resources. I initially started this writing this website as a way to catalog and share the online resources that I found useful in my teaching. I’ve expanded that scope a bit to include other resources that are more content oriented (especially with regards to government and politics) and less tech oriented. But sharing resources is one of my main goals.

Politics and Policy. As the chair for my local’s Government Relations committee, I spend a lot of time reading and talking about politics and education policy. Writing helps to organize those thoughts, and this gives me a way to make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing conversation.

Research. As a graduate student, I spend plenty of time perusing educational research. I also have full access to educational journals. For other teachers who have neither the time nor the access to read these journals first hand, I’ll summarize some of the studies related to my areas of research – educational technology, social studies, reading, and motivation. I’ll also write about my own research from time to time as it progresses.

In the News. I spend a lot of time reading the news – politics, educational, technology. Here I’ll share tidbits that are particularly relevant or informative, as well as the occasional reaction or response.

Simple Tips. I’ve grown up around computers my entire life. I’ve found that things I take for granted as “common knowledge” just aren’t that common among teachers less experience with computers. These posts are simple tips and explanations of of basic tech ideas that others might take for granted.

Random Thoughts. For posts that don’t fit in one of the other categories, this is a catch all category. Who knows what will end up here…

As a general disclaimer, suffice it to say that I am very opinionated and the opinions I share here are neither those of my employer (the East Orange School District) nor my local association (the East Orange Education Association).