Got a question? Ask away.

I initially started this website with the more narrow topic of technology, and I still want to offer my help to other teachers that have questions or problems with ed tech. I also want what I write here to beĀ useful, and it seems that the best way to do that is to ask people for questions… and answer them.

So if you have a question – no matter how simple it seems – fire away.

So, please use the form below to submit a question. I may follow up with you via e-mail before I write up a post and answer the question publicly. If you have a question that is of the tech support kind, please provide as much detail as possible.

Also, please let me know how I should identify you. I understand if you want to remain relatively anonymous, but I would like to at least include a first name, a subject, and a state that you teach in. For example, you could be Jean, an English teacher from Virginia. From there, you can decide how specific or generic you want to be.

And while the intent is for the questions to be of a technical manner, I’d be more than happy to field broader questions of educational policy and politics as well.

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