I love teaching, I love education, and I love writing about technology. So I do this all for free, right…?

Well, yes and no. I still teach full time, and I don’t make anything close to a full time living from this website. If that changes, I’ll be sure to update this page. However, publishing is a business – and this is in some ways a publishing project like any other. As a reader, you deserve to know my financial motivations.


This website features advertisements. You will see some Google advertisements in the sidebar and at the end of some posts. I get paid each time someone clicks on those advertisements. I do not choose these advertisers, and I have little control over who they are. Google automatically matches you with an advertiser based on the content of this website and your browsing patterns. It is both Google’s and my hope that these advertisers are interesting and relevant to you.

In the event that you find something objectionable advertised on this website, please jump to the bottom of these page and leave me a note via the contact form. I will see what I can do about banning that advertiser through Google.

My Unbiased Opinion (and Endorsement)

A focus of this site is on sharing resources that I have either used in my class or read about on the Internet. I sincerely hope that these resources are of value to you. In general, I do not receive any compensations for these endorsements. If they seem overly positive, it’s because I only choose to share things that I actually feel will be useful to other teachers or that I have actually found useful in my class.

In the event that I do receive a free product to review or in the event that an advertiser wishes to pay to publish a review on this website, it will be clearly stated at the beginning of that post. Unless you read a disclaimer at the beginning of a post, you can rest assured that what you are reading is my unbiased and freely given opinion.

Sales on Amazon

Any time that I link to a book, gadget, or product on Amazon, I am doing so as part of Amazon’s affiliate program. If you click on this link and purchase something from Amazon within the next 24 hours, I will receive a commission. I heartily thank you for your generosity.

I use Amazon almost exclusively as an affiliate for any website that I publish because I believe that they have excellent customer service and that they sell quality products. The user base at Amazon is top notch, and you can generally believe the reviews that you read there. Furthermore, I put my money where my mouth is. I am an Amazon prime member, and the vast majority of things that I purchase online (from TVs to photography equipment to computer hardware) come from Amazon.

Professional Associations

I have past relationships with a number of organizations institutions. I was previously employed by the C-SPAN Education Foundation as a Teacher Fellow (July 2013). I received a stipend from the NEH to attend a seminar at the New York Historical Society. I received a stipend from Montclair State University to participate in the MSUNER Leadership Associates program. I also received fellowship support from Rutgers University to complete a Graduate Fellowship at the Eagleton Institute of Politics. While I maintain some manner of relationships with all of these organizations and institutions, I am no longer receiving any compensation from them.

I am currently employed by and receive compensation from both the East Orange School District and the East Orange Education Association.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about what I do, why I do it, or whether I make money from doing it, go to the bottom of this page and drop me a line. I’m happy to share, once again in the spirit of educating others. I’ve spent a good deal of time reading about online publishing, and I’ve both succeeded and failed at making other websites profitable.

It’s a tough business, but if you’re interested in education and want to launch a website or other publishing venture I’ll gladly tell you about my business and answer your questions.