Screenshot of Google calculating a simple conversion.Ever have a simple calculation you want to do, but don’t have access to a calculator? Sure, you can find a calculator app on your computer or you can Google a calculator website. Desmos is a great option for graphing.

But there’s a simpler solution. Just type your simple math problem into Google.

Go to Google Web Search and type something into the search box. Let’s say, 435 * 2 / 3. The answer, according to Google, is 290.

Random math question? Well, not quite. That’s the number of Congressman necessary to make up 2/3rds of the Representatives in Congress. Not really relevant, but interesting factoid.

Want to convert measurements from cm to inches or from ml to ounces? Yup, you can do that too. The search query “34 cm to inches” brings up a conversion calculator and tells us that 34 cm is equivalent to 13.3858 inches. Hmm, that’s cool. You can also convert different types of temperatures (Celsius to Fahrenheit).

It doesn’t do complex mathematical calculations, like finding an integral. For that, you’ll need something more advanced like Wolfram Alpha.

Anyhow, it’s a cool, simple tip for using Google to make your life easier. I use this little trick all the time, as it makes simple conversions and calculations so much more thoughtless. And unless you’re trying to teach people how to do conversions algebraically, I think this would be an awesome little tool for students to use in chemistry or physics to perform quick calculations.