Cells Alive ScreenshotI was browsing science webquests this morning, looking for a good example of a cell webquest. In a lot of them, I found a reference to the same website: Cells Alive.

The website has an interactive feature that identifies and explains the various parts of a cell. You can see a screenshot to the left. First, you choose an animal or plant cell. Then, you click on a part, and a definition comes up. Not the most awesome use of technology I’ve ever seen, but a good basic interactive design.

There’s also a model of a bacterial cell. However, this feature isn’t quite so interactive. Clicking on a part of the cell takes you to a description elsewhere on the page – instead of popping the description up in the model. There are some other cool things to check out, as well. Spend some time poking around.

The site is fairly old, it looks like it was originally published in the mid 90’s. It shows in the quality of design and graphics. The ideas are solid, and I can’t help but wishing that someone would take the entire thing and give it a modern, fresh, redesign. It would make the whole thing more appealing to students.

Anyhow, some of the features here would be useful in some kind of webquest or similar assignment where students are using online resources to complete a task. So bookmark it and keep it in mind.