Cut and PasteToday’s tip is quick and to the point: how to copy and paste without using your mouse.

There are keyboard shortcuts forĀ tons of things, and while it may seem daunting at first they seem like second nature after a little while. All you have to do is use them, and over time you’ll remember them.

Three keyboard shortcuts that are almost completely universal are the short-cuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste.

  • [Ctrl X] or [Cmd X] will “Cut” a segment of text. This removes it from where it is in a document and places it on the virtual clipboard so you can paste it somewhere else.
  • [Ctrl C] or [Cmd C] will “Copy” a segment of text. This puts the highlighted segment of text in the virtual clipboard, but it doesn’t remove it from it’s current location in a document.
  • [Ctrl V] or [Cmd V] will “Paste” the text on the clipboard into the current location of a document.

Although I just said that copy and pasting will move “text” around, it works equally well with images, files, and just about everything. These keyboard shortcuts are also pretty much universal, so they’ll work in your word processor, your web browser, your file explorer, your spreadsheet software, just about anything you could think of.

So your homework for the week: start using these three basic keyboard shortcuts. It’s one small part of your toolbox, but ultimately they’ll help you become much more efficient at doing things on the computer.