chrome-link-new-tabYou’re reading an article or blog post, and you come to a link. The link looks interesting, and it might be relevant and/or informative. You might hesitate a little, though, because once you click that you’ll wander off on a tangent and forget to come back to what you were reading in the first place.

You can help keep yourself on task and satisfy your curiosity by simply opening that link directly in a new tab. That way you can read the new page (and any subsequent pages that you end up wandering to), close the tab, and be right back where you started.

There are a two simple ways you can accomplish this.

1. Right Click (Context Menu). If you right click on a link (or press Control and click with a Mac), you’ll open up a context menu.


In this menu, you’ll see an option labeled “Open Link in New Tab,” or something similar. The screenshot above is from Google Chrome, and but each web browser might use slightly different language.

2. Control Click or Command Click. If you’re using a PC and you hold the control button down while clicking on a link, this will open the link up in a new tab. This eliminates the time you waste opening the context menu and clicking on “Open Link in New Tab.” On a Mac, you hold down the Command button and click on the link.

Shortcuts are never necessary, but they’re always helpful. You learn a shortcut, like Command Clicking on a link to open it in a new tab and you’ll be amazed at how much more quickly and efficiently you can go about your business on the web.