Tablets vs NotebooksI’m a big fan of laptops and netbooks. Recently, I’ve become an even bigger fan of Chromebooks.

I’m just starting work on a research project to explore whether netbooks (specifically Chromebooks) or tablets (specifically 7″ Galaxy Tabs) are better suited for a high school’s one to one implementation.

I like both types of devices, but ultimately I think laptops have more to offer if they’re the only device. However, the point of research is to confront and challenge our assumptions – so I’ve got an open mind. I put the following Slideshare together with a few ideas about why I think netbooks are superior, and I posted a different Slideshare yesterday arguing in favor of tablets.

Three Reasons to Choose Netbooks for Your School’s One to One Tech Program from Brian Rock

I’d be interested to hear from other teachers, students, parents, tech lovers:

Why do you think netbooks or Chromebooks are the superior choice for a one to one initiative?

If you think tablets are better, than head over to the tablets post and sound off over there.

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